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  • 03 Jan 2019

    Rain And Snow 3°C 1°C

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Litohoro - Olympus Mountain

olymposUsually starting from Litohoro travelers get ready to conquest Olympus! After they have crossed the valley of Ennipeas, they come to a place called "Prionia" at an altitude of 1100 m. At "Muses" tableland, 2600 m. above sea level, there are shelters where the traveler can take a stop and have some rest. There are organized routes with a lot of water springs and spots with splendid view where the hikers can rest and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Palaios (Old) Panteleimonas

p pantelAt a distance of 7 km. from Platamonas and at about 600 m. above sea level there is the traditional village of Old Panteleimonas. Walking through narrow streets the visitors reach the center of the village where is the church of St. Panteleimonas and a little square surrounded by small picturesque cafes and taverns. From that spot the view to Thermaikos bay is enchanting. Up here the lovers of extreme sports will have the chance to practice hovering and slope parachuting.

Elatohori of Pieria

elatohori1elatohori2Elatohori is located near Katerini and it is considered to be one of the most famous destinations for winter and summer vacations as well. It consists of two small villages. One of them is the modern village and the other is the traditional thorpe of Old Elatohori at an altitude of 850 m. At "Papa Chorafi" and at 1450 m. above sea level there is the ski center of Elatohori.



ampelakiaThe historical Community of Ampelakia is widely famous because in this place in 1778 was established the first Association in the world under the name "Common Companionship and Brotherhood of Ampelakia" . The Association had as object the production, treatment, dye and marketing of red, carmine threads. It is worth visiting the village's old mansions, especially the mansion of George Swartz (President of the Association) and the church of St. George that it was built in the dues of 15th century.

Tempi - Agia Paraskevi

tempiTempi, where Pineios River goes through, is a valley between Olympus and Ossa mountains. In a very beautiful spot with dense vegetation, plane-trees, willows and Pineios river dominating the place, there is the small church of Agia Paraskevi. In the same place there is the Icon-stand of Agia Paraskevi and in a deep cave (accessible to the visitor) the Holy Water. To access the little church the visitor must cross the impressive hanging bridge besides the National Highway that connects Athens to Thessaloniki.


rapsaniRapsani is situated into a plane-tree forest at the foot of Olympus mountain at an altitude of 800 m. You can wander through its picturesque stone paved narrow streets and have lunch at the taverns of the little square. Rapsani is famous for wine production - its vineyards spread in both sides of Tempi valley.




In the region there was the capital of the ancient Macedonian state with the name Aiges. In Vergina archaeologists brought to light the tomb of Filippos the Second, king of the Macedonians, father of Alexander the Great. In the archeological area there are royal tombs, palaces and an ancient theatre. In the archeological museum are displayed finds of the Macedonian years such as the Golden Urn and the Golden Crown of Filippos II and the Golden Crown and Urn of Alexander the Fourth, Great Alexander's son.


dionAt the foot of Olympus there is the ancient Dion, sacred town of the Macedonians where, in the ancient years, took place celebrations in honor of Zeus and the Muses. Once there was in the area the temple of Zeus. It would be a nice experience if you visited the whole archaeological place and especially the archaeological museum.


meteoraMeteora is a rare geological phenomenon and at the same time one of the biggest monastery entireties in Greece. The huge, vertical rocks reach an altitude of 400 m. and spread in an area of 30 km. In Meteora there are 24 monasteries, most of which were founded in the 14th century. Nowadays officiate six monasteries. Meteora have been labeled from UN as "Monument of Cultural Heritage" while UNESCO has registered it in the list of Monuments of World Heritage.


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